Addressing Health Concerns

A note to our clients

With recent news reports surrounding the vaping industry, Oranje Pharma would like to provide our perspective regarding some of the claims being made, especially in relation to the cannabis products which we proudly sell. We are very concerned with the commentary surrounding the alleged connection of certain vape products to detrimental health outcomes. Oranje Pharma would like to assure consumers that their safety and overall health is one of our primary concerns.

The majority of recently reported cases of pulmonary illness have reportedly been linked to e-cigarettes and products purchased from illicit dealers or unlicensed cannabis stores. These black market sources have not been cited as the only cause of these health concerns, but the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has warned consumers not to purchase or use any vaping related products bought “off the streets”.

Oranje Pharma does not use vitamin E acetate as an additive or ingredient in any of its products. There is literally no reason for vitamin E acetate to be in our THC concentrates.  All of the THC e-liquids produced by Oranje Pharma have been made from food-grade ingredients and are manufactured under the highest standards. We have a very simple recipe, pure cannabis oil and PG/VG, nothing else. In the case of our pure cannabis oil, is simply that, just the extract directly from the dried buds, then heated and vacuum purged. Recent sickness & deaths in the news, frankly appear to be simple contamination within the process or lack of proper lab perhaps.

Check out our FAQ area for more info on our process, potency and more.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about Oranje Pharma products, please contact us at [email protected]  If you experience any symptoms outlined in the government / news reports, you should stop vaping immediately and seek an opinion from a medical professional.

Oranje Pharma remains committed to ensuring that all our products maintain the highest quality standards.