Oranje Pharma Cannabis Oil Concentrates & Medical Marijuana is conveniently setup to accept Interac e-Transfer as well as Bitcoin for payment in our online store.



Fast delivery

Fast delivery

How to Pay for your Oranje Pharma order via INTRAC eTransfer

Step one.

Create Your Order

Demo Order

Create your order in our store by filling your cart with items and complete the checkout process to get your totals as well as your order number emailed to you along with payment instruction. PLEASE check your junk mail folder if you don’t receive your order confirmation and payment instructions.  You’ll need your order number for the payment “memo area” to help us match your order and payment once received. This helps us pack your order more quickly.

Step two.

Create an INTERAC eTransfer

Interac E-transfer


To pay Oranje Pharma using Interac Email Money Transfer: Simply login to your personal online web banking platform and locate your INTERAC eTransfer/Payment menu options. Specify a recipient by entering our email address: (** EMAIL PROVIDED AT CHECKOUT **) Fill in the Interac Email Money Transfer information, dollar amount, account from which to withdraw the funds, etc. The exact terminology may differ from bank to bank.

You’ll be asked the following:

Security question = Last 4 digits of our phone number?  (does NOT need to be exact same)
Security Answer = 0101  or 010101 if 6 digits are required by your bank (needs to be exact PLEASE)
PLEASE keep this security answer simple as above, no riddles as it creates a speed bump in our order packing while we reach out to you for the secret code to permit us to accept your payment.  Your funds having left your bank account are actually held by INTERAC up until we “accept” your payment. Which means you can still cancel the eTransfer right up until we “accept” it.

The Message area:

Please put your order number here (it will be provided by email from our system automatically once you complete your order. PLEASE check your junk mail if this doesn’t arrive. This order number helps us to match the payment to your order should your banking and orders names be different.  Also by providing your order number here it ensures that your order was actually processed. Occasionally, people would send payment but not finish creating the actual order by hitting the ‘process’ button effectively abandoning the cart. Then when they send their payment it’s basically “orphaned” as we have no matching order to apply it to.  Respectfully, we will not accept payments without an order to match it with. So please complete your cart and checkout process before sending your payment.

Step 3.

We Accept your eTransfer

Once your eTransfer arrives on our end we’ll attempt to accept it with either 0101 or 010101 as the security code. Once successfully accepted we will change the status of your order to “paid”. This will trigger another email from our system to let you know “we are processing your paid order”.  At the same time INTERAC themselves will also send you an email directly once we’ve actually accept your eTransfer. This email lets you know that the payment is now complete. If you do not receive this email from INTERAC directly, we very likely have not yet received or “accepted” your payment.  Typically you’ll see is two back to back emails as we accept your eTransfer one from INTERAC and one from us usually immediately following to let you know “we are processing your paid order”.

Step 4

We pack up and ship your order

Once “packed and ready for shipping” you’ll receive another email from our system with your tracking number / link now visible at the top of your order page.  Once “shipped” you’ll be sent an email letting you know the order should now be tracking in CP’s system as well as your approximate delivery day will also be shown. We always try to ship the order the same day it’s paid to get your order out to you as fast as possible. We do this to minimize your stress, but also in hopes that our performance and superior products will inspire referrals and repeat business from you for years to come.  This approach has allowed us to dramatically reduce our advertising costs as I’m sure you an imagine.

ONCE YOUR ORDER AND PAYMENT DETAILS ARE RECEIVED YOUR ORDER WILL GO OUT: very likely that same day if received before 3pm(PST), if after 3pm(PST) it will go out the very next business day.  We always try very hard to get all orders out the same day payment is received.

If you have further questions please feel free to visit out FAQ page or send us an email via our contact us page. If you’re new to using eTransfer you may want to send yourself a test payment so you can see how it works from both the sending and receiving sides. Once you’ve accepted a payment sent to yourself as a test you’ll have a better understanding of how it works.

Want to know more about INTERAC eTransfer here is a short video to help explain how easily it works.