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If you can’t find an answer to your question be sure to email us and we’ll do our best to answer your question. We’ll be adding to our FAQ’s from time to time. We like to include questions from actual clients as much as possible, thanks for your suggestions.

No, we ONLY ship WITHIN Canada. We DO NOT ship to any other country.

Potency, How Potent are our concentrates?

The 2 products we make are;

Our Pure Cannabis Oil Concentrate is upwards of 90%+ pure cannabis extract. It’s a very thick golden sap like substance often dabbed onto an atomizer coil. To give you and idea of the concentration, we require about 5 grams of bone dry high grade marijuana to produce 1 gram of golden honey oil. We dispose of a great deal of green matter that would otherwise be inhaled in a joint for instance. Some of our clients also use this concentrated form of cannabis oil for baking or making eatables. Rice crispy squares for instance comes to mind.

Our THC Ejuice is approximately 20% strength or 200mg per ml. We use a 4:1 mix ratio with pgvg 70/30 to pure cannabis extract. This means that in a 2ml bottle of our THC ejuice there would be approximately 400 mg of THC. As well as in the 10ml bottle there would be approximately 2000 mg (or 2 grams) of cannabis oil extract dissolved under heat and pressure, homogenized using ultra sound, then finally filtered for a clean vaping experience.

If you provided us with a wrong or incomplete mailing address we will not be able to retrieve your package. Please double check your mailing address before ordering. We send several order confirmation and status updates by email as your order is created, then paid, again when packed. You’ll have several opportunities to catch your error and let us know by simply replying to any one of our several emails as your order is packed. If you spot an error on your order please reach out to us right away. 

We currently only accept two methods, INTERAC eTransfer as well as Bitcoin for payments of your orders.  At the moment payment processors like PayPal, Visa, Master Card do not yet play nicely with our industry. However be sure to sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you in the loop should new payment methods become available in the future.

Having said that our preference is in the use of payment methods which have the least number of hops (uninvited corporations) between you and us. We like payment methods where you that must ‘push‘ funds you actually have on-hand to us, rather then us having the ability to ‘pull‘ funds and create debit on your credit card. From an ideological point of view, I’d rather not participate in putting debit on my clients. If you study economics you’ll see why this is parasitic to all our prosperity.

If we accepted credit cards then we’d potentially make ourselves a target to hackers. Perhaps joining a ‘distinguished’ and ever growing list of victims such as Home Depot, Target, Ashley Madison and even the NSA in the USA have all had massive data breaches.

Bitcoin solves many of these issues, if you want to learn more about this amazing and revolutionary new payment method here is a great 2 min video if you have a moment you may find this educational. Bitcoin is an evolution in money and banking.


I’m so glad you asked ! Each product has its own independent comments area found on a ‘Reviews tab’ half way down the page next to the product’s ‘Description tab’. We really appreciate all the reviews people have left us over the past couple years. Below is a photo of exactly where on the product page you’ll find the reviews area. See other clients comments or leave one of your own.

How To Leave A Review Or Comment

How To Leave A Review Or Comment

Yes, in fact we’re actually hoping for some friend referrals and product reviews from you. Which can only happen if we actually provide exceptional service. In fact to help that along, we actually ship twice a day these days. Once in the morning and again in the late afternoon. This means your order will be tracking with Canada Post with hours of sending your payment 6 days a week. Check our the product reviews and read what others have to say. Please be sure to add your own review once you’ve had a chance to try our products for yourself.

You’ll also notice that this site is very clean and only selling products we make, and a bit of entry level hardware to support our Cannabis Oil Concentrates and THC ejuices. We encourage visiting your local vape shop for a better selection of hardware in every color. Their knowledgeable staff can better support in person then we could effectively offer here as a small internet business. That’s why we keep our product skus low, and we don’t pretend to do what your local vape shop does.

We also don’t have any ‘popups’ besides our newsletter subscriber, no banners and no side bar advertising to give us ‘click money’ etc. We don’t try to offer you everything under the sun, just a basic site to showcase a product we actually produce right here in British Columbia.

If there is a discrepancy in your order we ask that you simply take a photo of the contents of your package. we’ll very quickly compare that to the email logs of when your order was packed up in order to grab the time stamp. Once we know the time and date your order was packed, we can very quickly compare that to our CCTV logs and see what exactly what items went into the package. This lets us quickly determine where the error is and get any missing items out to you immediately should a packing error occur.

That’s easy to answer as there are several reasons we process and ship as fast as humanly possible.  Mostly to reduce client anxiety associated with this type of transaction over the web, by shipping your orders fast we hope to impress you enough to share our site with your friends.  It is our hope that we can dramatically reduce our advertising budget by simply providing the best possible products and service to our clients. So try us out and spread the word so we can continue to grow and steadily improve our products and offerings.

Our company name is pronounce as Or-ran-jeh  / Or-run-ya.   It’s a Dutch word I had imported from my home country The Netherlands, it’s a shout out to my heritage.

We pack and ship orders very fast we’re often told, so please be certain your address is correct. Once we have accepted your payment your order is considered paid, it’s generally shipped within a few hours. Possibly the following morning if after 3pm pst, but never more than a day.  We actually will not accept your payment if we can’t immediately ship your complete order with our stock on hand. We do this to minimize the clients anxiety over the transaction, and build faith in our service over time.  However, thanks to your support we are now shipping twice a day (am & pm) to get orders on their way and ‘trackable’ by the clients as fast as possible.  We actually want you to receive our products after all.

Our system will send you the tracking link via email.  If you don’t receive your ‘order confirmation’ emails please check your junk mail folder, as we send several emails to keep you informed.  If you still aren’t getting them be sure to reach out to us in case of a typo in your email address within the order itself when you submitted it (easy to correct from our end but causes miscommunication occasionally)…..

We’re always looking for ways to offer discounts to clients for referrals to create a win win situation.  We have an ongoing 20% discount for anyone paying by Bitcoin, which is becoming more and more popular. We also have a sponsor a friend program running which gives both you and a friend $25 off your cart. Visit our how to save page to learn more.

$14 Shipping to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and yes even Manitoba!  The remaining Canadian provinces carry a shipping rate of only $18.  during checkout your shipping rate will automatically adjust based on your delivery address.  FREE Shipping on all order that are over $200 your cart is automatically adjusted with free shipping.  There is NO difference in free shipping vs paid shipping, it is the exact same method both are Canada post Xpresspost with tracking. So if you can, try to make your orders over $200, and make us cover the shipping to your door.

Yes, we always provide tracking information and monitor the delivery of every single shipment to your door. We provide tracking updates within the notes of your order, which are then automatically emailed to you proactively keeping you aware of the delivery time frame of your order.

No, generally we do not ship requiring a signature on delivery. However should YOU want a “signature required” option we are prepared with prepaid decals to affix to your shipment which will then require CP to acquire a signature on delivery. please let us know in the order notes if you require this level of delivery service. There is no additional cost for this added level of security for our clients.

As long as all the address information is correct, it will be replaced by us as a ‘onetime’ replacement. This is however very rare as we actually use the exact same shipping method that Heath Canada themselves requires all MMJ to be shipped via. If you do a quick search you’ll find CBC did a report on this some time ago. So your order is mixed in with thousands of others, the odds of it being ‘singled out’ or intercepted for some reason would be unusual.

If you are ‘claiming’ an order has gone missing we may require a ‘signature on delivery’ for the replacement order to be issued and reshipped. We will also need a few days to let Canada Post do a trace and satisfy that it is in fact Missing In Action. We’ll then process a replacement order to go out immediately, we think this is pretty fare.

Delivery is generally between 2-5 days to arrive at your door.  Clients living in the greater Vancouver (GVRD) area will generally see next day or 2 day delivery speeds, while clients living back east in Toronto are more likely to be on the 3-5 day range.

Yes Absolutely, it’s made with pure Cannabis Oil extracts, from crops which are grown in BC and collected weekly for processing. Oranje Pharma works closely with BC’s Fraser valley growers to obtain the finest BC buds available.

At this time we do not have a method in place to refund or return items if you do not like them or are unable to correctly operate this device or our product. But don’t worry we go out of our way to try to make you happy by quickly replacing defective items. After all its your repeat business that we’re really hoping to encourage.

We definitely use expertly harvested BC buds to make our oils, the return ratios using leaf trim hardly makes it worth the time and effort. We use a delicious blend of indica and sativa strains for an exceedingly wide cannabinoid profile. We found blend this to help the most number of people.

No, our THC eJuice  (e-Resin) has been thoroughly filtered, but coils do ware out after a week or two of use I find, regardless of what eJuice is used.  replacing a coil is very easy to do and carries very little cost.

We start with pure cannabis extract, which is heated and mixed with our blend of PG/VG. We then use vacuum pressure and high frequency sound waves to homogenize the solution into a stable non-separating mixture. After that it is hot / cold filtered to remove any contaminants and waxes, leaving a very clean stable solution for your enjoyment.

No, its definitely not made like a tincture.  We use a non-polar solvent (Medical grade Butane) in a ‘closed loop extractor’ to separate the cannabis oil from the plant.  The THC molecule is non-polar and as such requires a solvent which is also non-polar, this is what makes butane work so well.  Tinctures are generally made with vegetable Glycerin which is a polar molecule and not well suited for extraction.  The mixture is then left to sit with a heat source such as a crockpot. Perhaps this method would be ok for topical lotions, definitely but not for making our potent THC e-Juice. Attempting to use a polar solvent to extract a non-polar molecule will produce poor results.

We use a ratio of 70/30 The PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are the two primary base ingredients of eliquid. They are all FDA approved and are equally safe.

Our local suppliers produce OG Kush (indica) and Girl Scout cookie (sativa dominant hybrid). These are used in combination to produce a wide cannabinoid profile desired by many users. To give you an idea of potency, we require approximately 5 grams of bone dry herb to produce 1 gram of our pure oil concentrate.

No Absolutely NOT, it’s made of naturally occurring cannabis oil extract which is then thinned with PG/VG blend in order to allow it to function correctly in a typical clearomizer ecig tank. It’s thinned just enough to allow the ejuice to quickly replenish the coil / wick and avoid dry burns.

No there is virtually no difference in potency, as we use the same non-flavored as the base mix for our flavored blends. Tiny amounts of professional culinary flavorings are added later in the process to ensure virtually identical potency.

Pure Cannabis Oil is definitely going to be your most potent form of cannabis. although our THC eLiquid it plenty potent, it is not as potent as our pure Cannabis Oils are due to being thinned 4:1 for our 20% strength.

The 2 products are designed for different uses, one is for stealthy medicating and the other is not. The Difference in potency comes from the fact that it must be thinned 4:1 with PG/VG in order to make the solution function correctly in standard clearomizer tanks and replenish the wick before it dries and produces a “dry burn” taste for the user.

We produce these 2 products for 2 different applications….. The medicating effect of vaping our THC eJuice can be described as ‘rolling like a wave’ rather then the “sharp peaks” of doing a dab of pure cannabis oil. Most people find that our delicious THC eJuice is perfect for stealthy daytime medicating or putting off cravings till the evening, when a dab of cannabis oil might be more appropriate to medicate with before bed.

Yes, absolutely undetectable with a human nose. Our flavored THC eJuice makes it possible to medicate all day long without anyone around you knowing.  It was designed for private medicating to reduce the judging eyes of others, whom have not walked in your shoes. (*our non-flavored THC eJuice blend is not stealthy)

That’s a rather difficult question to answer but I’ll do my best….. Its hundreds of drags, we have found that a frequent daily user might go through 2mls in a week.  Many clients report only needing to refill their 1.5ml mini protank3 every week to ten days.  So, for a week or more medicating is as simple as ‘click and puff.’  No messing with a ziplock sandwich baggie of herb, locating your scissors, grinders, rolling papers or stepping out for 25min returning smelling of skunk…..    Just ‘Click and Puff” then get back to what you were doing just a moment before.

This is somewhat subjective of course and largely dependent on an individuals tolerance, but most people find that 4-8 puffs will definitely produce that familiar effect. To give you an idea of potency, we require approximately 5 grams of bone dry herb to produce 1 gram of our pure cannabis oil concentrate. We then thin this pure extract 4:1 with pg/vg just enough to allow our thc ejuice to wick into the clearomizer coil.

Yes, many clients report having eliminated their habit of rolling and smoking joints.  This in turn let them reduce their overall consumption and improved health as a result.

It has been reported by heavy daily pot smokers that switching to our THC eJuice helped them to regain lung function.  Clients have informed us that after a few weeks of making the switch they experience improved energy, fresher breath, clearer breathing, a reduction in persistent throat tickle. The rather ‘shocking’ expelling of dark mucus when coughing for a few weeks then clear with greater lung function and improved energy.  This effect lends itself to improving the bio-availability of the medication itself and can extend the duration between sessions there by helping to reduce overall consumption. Saving you money!

I personally fill my tank and use it for the week, then refill it with more THC eLiquid giving me another solid week of convenience. After that second week I will begin to notice small dust particles in the tank and the remaining solution is not as light in color (becoming dirty). This is due to the dust in your pockets, in the air, etc, making its way into the small holes your tank draws air in from. This in combination with the vaporizing coil within the clearomizer itself having a slight darkening effect on the solution it comes in contact with. Makes it necessary to clean your clearomizer tank every few weeks. After cleaning the tank once I’ll replace the clearomizer’s coil itself, basically making as good as new again.  This improves taste and vapor production as expected.

The simplest way to clean your tanks I’ve found is to use isopropyl alcohol 99%.  I use a small flat glass mason jar half filled with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Dis-assemble your tank into as many separate parts as possible to allow for better contact of the isopropyl alcohol. Place the dirty clearomizer tank parts into the jar and close the lid. Let this sit overnight occasionally agitating the jar to mix the solution of isopropyl alcohol and encourage better cleaning.  Later pour out the isopropyl alcohol and replace with fresh isopropyl alcohol as a second rinse to dissolve an remaining film. Then remove the tank components from the cleaning solution placing them on a paper towel and allow to sit and dry for a couple of hours.  Once dry re-assemble your tank and refill with your favorite THC eJuice flavor.  If this is your second cleaning you may want to consider changing the tanks coil with a new one…. check out our support page for more information.

How To use Oranje Pharma Cannabis Oil Concentrate in a M7 atomizer.

The M7 Spade atomizer has a black body and a silver tip and is meant for use with our pure cannabis concentrate oils. It is NOT meant for use with our more viscus ejuice as this atomizer burns too hot. The M7 black body has 2 pieces to it that can unscrew apart from each other. This will reveal the heating coil and ceramic dish to catch any drips. Do not fill the ceramic dish with oil as it may leak and become waist-full. With a small metal tool like the dab tool we carry in our store, smear a small amount of the thick sticky cannabis oil from the silicon jar it came in and dab a small amount onto the coil of the M7 atomizer. you’ll see the coil windings wrapped around some fibers that are there to wick the oil up and let you take a few hits before needing to reload. You may need to heat the coil momentarily to heat the oil and let it wick into the fibers then dab on a little more oil, repeat as necessary. Our pure Cannabis Oil is more potent, but certainly not as handy or stealthy to use as our THC ejuice of course.

Dab Of Honey Oil







No we do not carry just the bottom coil portion, you’ll need to replace the M7 whole unit.

The battery’s button has a 5-click On/Off. Please press the button 5 clicks within 2 seconds and activate the battery on/off feature.

How To use Oranje Pharma Cannabis Oil Concentrate in a M6 Globe Atomizer.

The M6 Globe Atomizer has a silver metal body with a removable glass globe and is meant for use with our pure cannabis concentrate oils. It is NOT meant for use with our more viscus THC ejuice, as this atomizer burns too hot. The M6 has a glass globe which is ‘press fit’ and meant to be pulled apart from the base. This will reveal the easily replaceable heating coil head with it’s ceramic dish to catch any drips. Do not fill the ceramic dish with oil as it may leak and oil will be wasted.

Using a small metal tool like the dab tool we carry in our store, scoop a small amount of our golden pure thick sticky cannabis oil from the silicon jar it came in onto the tool. Then carefully ‘dab’ a small amount of oil onto the coil of the M6 atomizer, similar to the photo below. You’ll see the coil windings wrapped around some fibers that are there to ‘wick’ the oil and let you take a few ‘hits’ before needing to reload. You may need to heat the coil momentarily to heat the oil and let it wick into the fibers then dab on a little more oil, repeat as necessary. Our pure Cannabis Oil is more potent, but certainly not as convenient or stealthy to use as our delicious THC ejuice of course.

Dab Of Honey Oil







No sorry at this time we only have this web-store to purchase from, this lets us service all of Canada. We’d literally need a store in every city as we get asked on a regular basis. If you’re worried about wasting your money, only buy a little to test us out and see if it’s even for you.

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Fast delivery

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