THC/CBD Vape Juice Starter Kit



THC/CBD Vape Juice 200mgTHC 20mgCBD per/ml Starter Kit

This EVOD Starter Kit comes with 4mls of our delicious flavored Liquid Marijuana THC eJuice ($80 value) We’ve put this kit together to include everything you need to get started vaping your THC medicines. This combo starter kit is very cost effective as it includes samples of our eliquid THC juice, the $80 value included effectively makes this kit carry a $20 cost to the client. Some clients have in fact bought a second or third kit as spares for this very reason. This kit also includes 3 separate tips for atomizing your THC. The included Kanger mini-Pro3 is for e-Juice such as our delicious Grape Liquid  marijuana THC eJuice.

Sorry Kits Are Currently Out Of Stock, But We Have Lots Of Concentrates On Hand.


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