How To Save Money Buying Oranje Pharma Cannabis Oil Concentrates

There are several ways to save $ money and bitcoin when shopping with Oranje Pharma.

Unfortunately we are unable to negotiate orders, discounts and pricing individually for people as this creates a “bottle-neck” in our order system, as well as an uneven playing field for other clients. So to help you save dollars we have setup the following opportunities to help you save when buying our products. Thanks for your understanding, we are simply trying to keep it fair for everyone.


Pay with Bitcoin and save 20% on every order.

We accept Bitcoin as payment, and in order to help push along Bitcoin’s adoption and use, we are offering a 20% discount for orders paid for with Bitcoin.  The exchange rate is automatically calculated with a $0.80 = $1  “exchange rate multiplier” to provide the 20% discount automatically during checkout. Click here to learn more about paying with Bitcoin.

Free Shipping On Orders Over $99

Save on Xpresspost Shipping costs is easy by making your orders over $99. This means we cover the Xpresspost shipping fees instead of you. combine your order with a friend and get the order total over $99 and the shipping is free.

Introduce your friends to Oranje Pharma.

Sponsor a Friend and you both get $25 off your cart coupons for your next purchase. click here to learn more.

Buying in bulk ‘volume’ will help you save.

When buying in bulk you’ll notice a 50% savings between the 2 ml and 60 ml bottles. (unfortunately you can not buy 60ml bulk but then have us split it into 30 x 2ml bottles. That’s actually a different sku and doing so would impact our inventory system. We do however offer “quantity” discounts right below for those interested.

Buying in bulk ‘quantity’ (retail packaging) will also help you save.


5 – 9 = 5% off
10 – 25= 10% off
26 – 49= 15% off
50 – 100= 20% off

Bulk quantity Pricing now available, adjust the quantity in your cart to reflect the savings.

Buy 5 and get 1 free

Buying our $200 Flavor Combo Kit saves you $40.  Plus it also qualifies for free Xpresspost shipping.