How do I clean my clearomizer tank so it can be reused?

The simplest way to clean your tanks I’ve found is to use isopropyl alcohol 99%.  I use a small flat glass mason jar half filled with 99% isopropyl alcohol. Dis-assemble your tank into as many separate parts as possible to allow for better contact of the isopropyl alcohol. Place the dirty clearomizer tank parts into the jar and close the lid. Let this sit overnight occasionally agitating the jar to mix the solution of isopropyl alcohol and encourage better cleaning.  Later pour out the isopropyl alcohol and replace with fresh isopropyl alcohol as a second rinse to dissolve an remaining film. Then remove the tank components from the cleaning solution placing them on a paper towel and allow to sit and dry for a couple of hours.  Once dry re-assemble your tank and refill with your favorite THC eJuice flavor.  If this is your second cleaning you may want to consider changing the tanks coil with a new one…. check out our support page for more information.

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