How To use the M7 Atomizer with our Cannabis Concentrate?

How To use Oranje Pharma Cannabis Oil Concentrate in a M7 atomizer.

The M7 Spade atomizer has a black body and a silver tip and is meant for use with our pure cannabis concentrate oils. It is NOT meant for use with our more viscus ejuice as this atomizer burns too hot. The M7 black body has 2 pieces to it that can unscrew apart from each other. This will reveal the heating coil and ceramic dish to catch any drips. Do not fill the ceramic dish with oil as it may leak and become waist-full. With a small metal tool like the dab tool we carry in our store, smear a small amount of the thick sticky cannabis oil from the silicon jar it came in and dab a small amount onto the coil of the M7 atomizer. you’ll see the coil windings wrapped around some fibers that are there to wick the oil up and let you take a few hits before needing to reload. You may need to heat the coil momentarily to heat the oil and let it wick into the fibers then dab on a little more oil, repeat as necessary. Our pure Cannabis Oil is more potent, but certainly not as handy or stealthy to use as our THC ejuice of course.

Dab Of Honey Oil







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