Is this service real?

Yes, in fact we’re actually hoping for some friend referrals and product reviews from you. Which can only happen if we actually provide exceptional service. In fact to help that along, we actually ship twice a day these days. Once in the morning and again in the late afternoon. This means your order will be tracking with Canada Post with hours of sending your payment 6 days a week. Check our the product reviews and read what others have to say. Please be sure to add your own review once you’ve had a chance to try our products for yourself.

You’ll also notice that this site is very clean and only selling products we make, and a bit of entry level hardware to support our Cannabis Oil Concentrates and THC ejuices. We encourage visiting your local vape shop for a better selection of hardware in every color. Their knowledgeable staff can better support in person then we could effectively offer here as a small internet business. That’s why we keep our product skus low, and we don’t pretend to do what your local vape shop does.

We also don’t have any ‘popups’ besides our newsletter subscriber, no banners and no side bar advertising to give us ‘click money’ etc. We don’t try to offer you everything under the sun, just a basic site to showcase a product we actually produce right here in British Columbia.

If there is a discrepancy in your order we ask that you simply take a photo of the contents of your package. we’ll very quickly compare that to the email logs of when your order was packed up in order to grab the time stamp. Once we know the time and date your order was packed, we can very quickly compare that to our CCTV logs and see what exactly what items went into the package. This lets us quickly determine where the error is and get any missing items out to you immediately should a packing error occur.

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